How to Make a Payment: Checks can be mailed to NorCal at 7069 Commerce Circle, Pleasanton, CA 94588 or dropped off at NorCal in the payment box, which is located next to the coaches office. Credit card payments are also accepted. Please email our club treasurer Heidi at hhnorcal@gmail.com to pay by credit card or call 925-368-6994.

Club Fees: The NorCal participation fee for the 2018 season is in the table below: Check, Visa or Master Card welcome.

These fees cover the following items: coaching fees and expenses, facility rentals, NCVA team fees, uniforms and accessories, power league conditioning sessions, team entry fees, administrative expenses, equipment, seminars, and 2 tickets to awards night. Additional tournaments will incur additional costs. The participation fee will be broken down into 3 payments. For Power League, the first participation fee payment of $2,000 is due November 13th, 2017. You will have two additional payment installments. See below for amounts due by age group. The second installment will be due on December 15th, 2017 and the third installment will be due on January 15th, 2018.

Age Group 1st Payment Due Nov 13, 2017 2nd Payment Due Dec 15, 2017 3rd Payment due Jan 15, 2018 Total Fee Additional Fee for GJNC due Feb 15, 2018
Juniors $625 $625   $1250  
11s & 12s $2000 $950 $950 $3900  
13s, 14-2s, and 15-3s $2000 $1300 $1300 $4600  
14-1, 15-1, 15-2, 16s, & 17-1 $2000 $1475 $1475 $4950 $350
18s $2000 $1300 $1300 $4600 $350

Additional Fees: You will be responsible for:

Travel Tournaments: Each travel tournament has fixed costs and each player is responsible for her share of the costs, even if the player does not attend the tournament. There are no exceptions.

Coaches: Part of our club fees cover the following coach’s expenses:

All NorCal coaches are certified in Gold Medal Squared (GMS). GMS is a unique system where coaches are given the necessary tools to teach the skills of volleyball to their players, to understand the tactics of the game, to make better use of limited time with their players and to develop winning programs. This system is based on studied scientific principles from human kinetics, organizational behavior, statistics and psychology.

If a team adds additional tournaments, all expenses incurred for the coaches will be a team expense.

Refund Policy: The Club’s fees are based on the number of players participating at the beginning of the year and they are not variable. This means that if a player no longer plays with her team, the costs do not decrease. THEREFORE, THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS!