2018 Fall Ball


NorCal Volleyball Club is pleased to offer the 12th Annual Fall Ball season. Our Fall Ball program is one of the East Bay’s premier and most competitive Fall Ball programs amongst local clubs. It is also one of the most popular programs at NorCal for Pre-High School aged girls, selling out every single year. Our Fall Ball program is a 10 week competitive “skill development” season that runs from August 8/20-10/29.


NorCal Fall Ball  

Player Age – 7th/8th graders (approx. 12-14 years old)

Days – Mon AND Wed         

            *Players who will be in 7th or 8th grade (approximately 12-14 years old) in the Fall with practice on Monday and Wednesday nights from Aug.20 - Oct. 29, from either 5:30-7:15 or 7:15-9:00, based on skill level. Six groups of fourteen players (6x14=84) will be organized into six teams that will practice and scrimmage. The six groups will be organized by skill level. The players with the higher skills will practice at the later time slot. NorCal reserves the right to move players between courts and time slots depending on changing relative skill level and progress through the 10-week season. Please help your daughters understand that there will be movement between groups.

Cost - $550

NorCal Fall Ball for JUNIORS 

Player Age – 6th grade and under (approx. 7-11 years old)

Days – Tues and/or Thurs  

            *Sessions will be determined by NorCal staff based on age/skill. We will do our best not to move players between sessions but we reserve the right to if needed.

Cost –

Registration and Assessment –

Both programs have an 84 player capacity (42 players per session).  A large portion of available roster positions in both NorCal Fall Ball and NorCal Fall Ball for JUNIORS programs will be reserved for NorCal Volleyball Club players from the previous 2017-2018 club season. Fall Ball “Priority” Enrollment for these roster spots will open up on 7/27/18.  These priority spots must be claimed by 11:59p on 7/29/18.  2017-18 NorCal families should register at: enroll.norcalvbc.com Girls who played NorCal Juniors in the 2018 season can register through Priority Registration for Fall Ball JUNIORS so long as they are age eligible. Girls who played NorCal Power League in the 2018 season can register through Priority Registration for Fall Ball so long as they are age elibible. 2018 NorCal JUNIORS players who are age eligible for NorCal Fall Ball CAN NOT register through priority registration. They will need to register for tryouts. 

Remaining Roster spots -

NorCal Fall Ball- Upon Fall Ball “Priority” registration closing, remaining roster positions will be filled for Fall Ball through our tryout process. Fall Ball tryouts registration will open on 7/30/18 with Fall Ball Tryouts to be 8/11/18 from 9a -11a at the NorCal Volleyball Club Facility (7069 Commerce Cir Pleasanton, CA).

NorCal Fall Ball for JUNIORS - Upon Fall Ball for JUNIORS “Priority” registration closing remaining roster positions will be filled on a first come-first served basis.   This registration will open on July 30  at noon. Full time registrations will take priority over part time registrations.

Substitution List –

Both programs, will also maintain a pay-as-you-go substitution list.  Substitutes are invited to participate, one session at a time, to fill in for the regular roster players who have planned absences.  $25/session rate for Fall Ball and $20/session rate for Fall Ball for Juniors.

NorCal Fall Ball- players must be evaluated before getting on the substitution list. Evaluations will take place at the Fall Ball Tryouts on 8/11/18 from 9a -11a at the NorCal Volleyball Club Facility (7069 Commerce Cir Pleasanton, CA).

Fall Ball for Juniors DO NOT need to have an evaluation before becoming a substitute.

Mandatory Parent Meeting –

Both programs will be having a mandatory parent meeting for all NorCal Fall Ball Participants on 8/19 from 4-5pm at the NorCal Volleyball Facility (7069 Commerce Circle Pleasanton, Ca). At least one parent/guardian per participant must attend this meeting.

Important Dates –

7/27, 12:00a - Priority Enrollment Opens Up

7/29, 11:59p - Priority Enrollment Closes

7/30, 12:00p - Fall Ball Tryout Registration and Fall Ball for Juniors Registration opens

8/11, 9-11a  - Fall Ball Tryouts and Substitution Evaluation

8/19, 4-5p - Mandatory Parent Meeting