NorCal Juniors

The NorCal Juniors program is designed to introduce 11 and under players, and their families, to volleyball. The NorCal Juniors program encompasses all the events and activities for U11 and under players at NorCal Volleyball Club. The primary component of NorCal Juniors is the U11 volleyball team. Other components of NorCal Juniors are camps / clinics for U11 players. More events and activities may be added as the program matures.

U11 Volleyball Teams

To join a U11 NorCal Juniors team you must "Sign Up to Play" and then attend a parent and player selection meeting the second weekend in November. There are no tryouts, so if you sign up to play you will be placed on a team. When sign ups are live there will be a link in the announcement section of our homepage.

NorCal Juniors teams are designed to give young girls an opportunity to play club volleyball at a much younger age, for a much lower price, and for a shorter period of time. These teams are strictly for the development of the player and for that reason, playing time is not decided based on performance. The skill development of each player at a young age, in a low intensity environment, is the ultimate goal of these teams. This is not Power League.

NorCal Juniors team season is from Jan through April with the option to continue on through May. Teams will generally practice once per week at 4:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at the NorCal Volleyball Facility. Teams should plan on competing at a beginning of the season scrimmage, three 1-day tournaments, and one 2-day tournament although teams may add additional optional tournaments. There will also be one free clinic per month.

U11 Camps

There will be camps offered for our NorCal Juniors U11 volleyball players as well. These camps will typically be held for four days (1.5 hours each day) during the Pleasanton Unified School Districts breaks. Registration for these camps will be held online about 4 weeks prior to the start of camp. When the camp registration is live an announcement will be made in our announcement section on our homepage.